Carlos Keyes Musical Life

The Carlos Keyes – Life In Music Blog provides advice and tips on how to advance your music career from the point of view of a talent agent. The site is owned by Carlos Keyes, a former musician and producer who eventually founded his own talent agency and is now President and head booking agent of Red Entertainment Agency in New York City.
carlos keyes red entertainment agency
Visual Aesthetics – 9
The site ensures a pleasant browsing experience with its clean layout design free from ads. It is visually appealing and allows visitors to get a good grasp of the content right on the home page.
User Friendliness – 9
With its simple layout design and straightforward content, it’s fast and easy to navigate around the site. All links are working fine including the social media sharing buttons.
Reading Enjoyment – 8
Performers aspiring to get into the New York City entertainment scene can gain valuable insights and insider tips. Other visitors can expect to learn more about Carlos Keyes, booking agent, talent agent in the music industry and his work.
Useful Info – 9
The author shares valuable information on what it takes to successfully land a job in New York City’s entertainment industry as well as on artists he has managed in the past and in the present time.
Overall Experience – 10
Visiting the blog should be an enriching experience particularly for performers who dream of working in New York City. With the author’s vast experience in the entertainment industry, Carlos Keyes has valuable insights to share with his readers.

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